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Window Air Conditioner Replacement Filter - Cut-to-Fit Universal Sizing

Window Air Conditioner Replacement Filter - Cut-to-Fit Universal Sizing

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Air Conditioner Replacement Filter – Designed to fit standard window air conditioner units this 24” x 16” air filter helps remove impurities from the air including pet hair, dust, lint, smoke, and VOCs.

Universal Cut-to-Fit Sizing – Our premium air filter air conditioner pad can be cut down to size to fit standard home window AC units, RV air filters, and other common in-window air conditioners to better support your day-to-day needs.

Experience Cleaner, Healthier Air – This air conditioner foam utilizes activated carbon to help cleanse the air as it circulates which is important for improving overall air quality and making it safer for pets, kids, and families.

Brand Versatility with Optimized Air Flow – Compatible with most standard air conditioners and air purifiers our air conditioner window unit pad works with HEPA, Whirlpool, Next Gen, Honeywell, and other top-quality brands.

Made in the USA – Here at FRESH HEADQUARTERS we want you to breathe with more comfort and confidence which is why our air conditioner air filters are made right here in the United States under strict quality control guidelines.

Eliminate particles in the air and minimize odors with a replacement air conditioner filter pad designed to support modern wall AC units and beyond.

Quality air is important for good daily health. In fact, if your air quality is poor, especially in your home, it can lead to breathing issues, allergies, and other problems. That’s why it’s vital to replace your air conditioner filter every 30 days to maintain a better, safer breathing environment. FRESH HEADQUARTERS universal air conditioner replacement filters were designed with activated carbon to help capture particles and odors in the air, so you can breathe a little easier day and night.

Maintain Fresher, Cleaner, Breathable Air

A universal cut-to-fit design our replacement filter helps capture airborne particles including dust, pollen, pet dander, and smoke. And because it works seamlessly in a wide range of wall AC units, RV filtration systems, or even a range hood or oven vent, it can be used to support all your day-to-day needs.

Product Details:

  • Replacement Air Conditioner Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filtration Process
  • Thin, Flexible, and Absorbent Material
  • Filters Dust, Lint, Smoke, and Pet Hair
  • Helps Capture Benzene, VOCs, and Household Chemicals
  • Dimensions: 24” x 16” x 1/16”
  • 30-Day Replacement Recommended
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