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6-Pack Replacement U Shaped Carbon Filters - Litter Robot 4

6-Pack Replacement U Shaped Carbon Filters - Litter Robot 4

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REFRESH YOUR AUTOMATED CAT LITTER BOX with premium aftermarket replacement filters. Fresh Headquarters Charcoal Litter Box Filters are precision-cut to be compatible with your Litter-Robot 4.

  • 6-PACK OF FILTERS provides 6 months of odor control so your home always smells fresh and ready for unexpected guests. For best results, we recommend changing the carbon filters monthly.
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT activated carbon pads have millions of micropores. This results in more places for odors, gaseous pollutants and volatile organic compounds to become trapped and neutralized.
  • READY TO USE without any measuring or trimming, Fresh Headquarters Replacement Carbon Filters install in seconds. Simply remove the old filter, replace it with a new one and enjoy uninterrupted cat box odor control.
  • MADE IN THE USA for your peace of mind, our activated carbon filter sheets are non-toxic and pet-safe. All-natural activated charcoal is made with coconut shells, peat, wood and sawdust so it is eco-friendly.

The hands-off approach to litter box odor

As the owner of a robotic cat litter box you already know how great it is to be free of cat odors without scooping litter throughout the day. To keep your automated cat litter box performing at its peak, replace its carbon air filter monthly with compatible Fresh Headquarters Replacement Cat Litter Replacement Filters. Designed explicitly to be compatible with the Litter-Robot 4, these odor eliminating sheets trap unpleasant litter odors and neutralize them to keep your home pleasant smelling.

Dense carbon filtration

Pre-cut and ready to use right out of the box, our thick foam charcoal pads have millions of tiny holes, creating greater surface space and trapping more gaseous compounds. As soiled litter is collected in the waste tray of your automated cat litter box, our filter absorbs and controls ammonia odors and moisture. With your home free of tell-tale cat box smells, your feline friend will be an even more beloved member of the family.

Proudly made in the USA

Fresh Headquarters insists on the highest-quality carbon filter fabric made with pet-friendly and all-natural activated charcoal. Because they are pre-cut to be compatible with your Litter-Robot 4 unit, it will take just seconds to keep litter box odor control going without interruption. Simply slide open the waste drawer, remove the expended filter sheet and slip our replacement filters in its place. For best results, we recommend replacing filters every 30 days.

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