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6-Pack Pre-Cut Activated Charcoal Replacement Filters - AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

6-Pack Pre-Cut Activated Charcoal Replacement Filters - AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

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Freshen Your Home

Cat litter box odor control has never been easier or more effective. Highly absorbent, Immediate effect, Easy to use, Long-lasting, Easy to dispose of, Pet-safe carbon, No powders, No sprays, Happy Cat, Happy Home.

  • CAT LITTER FILTER REPLACEMENTS specifically for AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box. Precision-cut for exact fit, Fresh HQ Carbon Filter Pads conform to the unique arch-shaped filter holder of standard, large and no-door litter boxes.
  • ODOR CONTROL FILTERS are made with activated carbon charcoal. Urine and feces smells are captured in the dense pores of these pads and neutralized. They work around the clock, unlike sprays and powders that dissipate within minutes.
  • LONG-LASTING litter box odor control filters each provide up to 3 months of absorption, depending upon scooping frequency and number of cats. Simply toss the old filter and replace with a fresh one for uninterrupted odor control.
  • SAFE AND NON-TOXIC litter box deodorizer filters provide peace of mind and a fresh, clean-smelling home. Feel free to place your cat litter box virtually anywhere without tell-tale unpleasant cat odors tipping-off guests.
  • EASY TO INSTALL in your AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Box, Fresh HQ Litter Box Filter Replacements slip into the filter holder without tools or expertise. Due to their unique shapes, they are suitable only for this brand of covered litter box.

Fresh Headquarters Active Carbon Replacement Filters keep your cat’s litter box odor-free and your home fresh-smelling. They trap and neutralize up to 99% of smells that emanate from urine and feces, and they help keep annoying litter dust from wafting through your home. Your kitty will be less apt to eliminate outside of the box, and your home will be neater and more pleasant for all.

  • High-quality activated carbon cat box filters
  • Minimize cat litter dust & unpleasant odors
  • Millions of micropores offer more surface area
  • Eliminate up 99% of odor-causing particles
  • Up to 3 months of odor neutralization each
  • Non-toxic & safe for use around your cat
  • Water-based adhesive releases no VOCs
  • Made in the USA for your peace of mind

Home Sweet Home

Get more joy from your feline friend by keeping its litter box odors under wraps. Fresh Headquarters Activated Carbon Replacement Filters trap foul smells in the pores of the filter pads and neutralize them. Air passes through and emerges odor-free. The litter box and your home remain pleasant-smelling to you and your kitty.

Compatible with AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

Precision-cut to fit your AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box, these filters boast the unique arch shape of the standard, large and no-door models. Fresh Headquarters Replacement Litter Box Filters neutralize up to 99% of odors arising from your cat’s eliminations, slipping into the filter compartment without trimming, tools or expertise.

Highly Odor Absorbent

Made with high-quality activated carbon and filter fabric, Fresh Headquarters Replacement Filters offer long-lasting odor control. Millions of micropores create a greater surface area for capturing strong ammonia odors and litter particulates. This results in filter pads that fight urine and feces smells for up to 3 months per pad.

Easy and Economical

Made of the same materials as the branded filters for your litter box model, Fresh Headquarters Replacement Cat Box Filters let you continue to enjoy the odor-mitigating capabilities of your covered litter box but for a fraction of the cost. Our filters install in the same compartment and in the same manner as pricey branded filters.

Safe for Your Cat

Fresh Headquarters Cat Box Filters are installed in the filter compartment of your litter box, away from direct contact with your kitty. There are no powdered deodorizers for your cat to walk through and no sprays to dissipate into the litter. Our litter box replacement filters work around the clock to keep your home odor-free.

Made in the USA

Some filters use chemical adhesives that are cheaper but give off noxious VOCs of their own, negating the purpose of their filters. Fresh Headquarters uses a water-based adhesive to affix carbon to our high-quality filters, thus ensuring the safest and most effective activated charcoal cat box filter for your odor-control needs.

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